Das Einmaleins der PR

The basics of PR

Without a real story, no publication. And unfortunately, it’s not us who decide what a good story is, but the journalist. And no, even the best contact with a medium won’t help me place the mediocre story. No PR consultant is going to burn his or her good personal contacts with journalists in an attempt to “sell” him or her a story that has no news value.
But what exactly is newsworthy? Wikipedia outlines it quite simple: “Newsworthiness always includes the attention value that a news story can generate.” So far so good. Now every client will tell me, “My story has great attention value – after all, I’m helping to make ….. ” Yes, but just because you think your personal story is so special doesn’t mean that there are many other companies out there that don’t have the same story, but have been communicating it for a long time, have done advertising and have large PR budgets, where many PR consultants share the stories with journalists on a daily basis. And here we are again at the marathon: Good communication and PR work depends on constantly and reliably feeding the media with stories. The more often I present the company name with a story to journalists, the more they trust that the company is really reliable and has a special expertise in its segment.
Therefore an important and relevant hint in the matter of PR: Who wants to be considered here, should not be quiet, but should put his communication in capable and good PR consultant’s hands with strategy and conception. Mika Mondo is the right partner for you!

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