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As an innovative PR Agency based in Berlin, we think far beyond traditional PR. From cross-media content production to employer branding to crisis PR, we are your liaison for everything to do with communication!

This is how we understand public relations in the digital age.

Communication knows no borders – especially in the digital world. Therefore, we see PR on two levels.

On one hand, we rely on a broad public and place your brand on high-end media.

On the other hand, we initiate targeted PR measures, to place your content where your target group is. Channels such as social media, websites and newsletters can be utilized for this. This can be filled with relevant content – and expanded with clever cooperation, such as with influencer marketing.

This is how we achieve visibility and relevance. A good product alone is not enough these days – therefore, we need strong storytelling. That is why we give your product a story. And stories arouse emotions – which are remembered and lead to more visibility

We are Mika Mondo. Ready to set your brand apart and give it a media presence.


How to get together with Mika Mondo:

This is our service packages:

Behind Mika Mondo is a talented and experienced team of communications professionals. Each person brings expertise in strategic communication in general as well as in specific industries. 

Our packages can be individually customized.


Service Package

Personal conversation

Press action: 1

Correction loops: 1

Consultation by senior consultant

Response time: max. 48h

Consultation and coordination calls: 2

Guaranteed relevant publications: 1

Media relations and follow-up with up to:

10 journalists


Personal conversation

Press action: 2

Correction loops: 2

Consultation by senior consultant

Response time: max. 36h

Consultation and coordination calls: 3

Guaranteed relevant publications: 2

Media relations and follow-up with up to:

20 journalists

Preparation of monthly editorial plans


Personal conversation

Press action: 3

Correction loops: 3

Consultation by senior consultant

Response time: max. 24h

Consultation and coordination calls: 4

Guaranteed relevant publications: 3

Media relations and follow-up with up to:

30 journalists

Creation of monthly editorial plans

Access to Mika Mondo’s leadership team


Personal conversation

Press action: 3

Correction loops: 3

Consultation by senior consultant

Response time: max. 12h

Consultation and coordination calls: 4

Guaranteed relevant publications: 4 (*only if booked for at least 3 months)

Media relations and follow-up with up to:

50 journalists

Creation of monthly editorial plans

Access to Mika Mondo’s management team

Strategic planning upon request (with additional costs)

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Individual request:

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Mika Mondo Services


We advise you on all aspects of communication, whether for a product, a service, a person or a company. Competent, targeted, transparent and honest.

Content production

From storytelling and blog content to graphic design, corporate publishing, photo and video production - we realize it all individually for you.

Employer branding

You are looking for new talents and want to establish yourself as an employer brand - then we have the experts for the right implementation of communication campaigns.

Crisis management

Good preparation, an approved plan of action and clear communication structures - a crisis situation must always be clearly defined before it arises. We stand by your side before, during and after the crisis.

Media relations

We keep up our network of journalists and multipliers and have personal and direct contacts in the media landscape worldwide.

Personal branding

Do you want to strengthen your personal brand and be seen as an expert on your particular field? We know how to do it.

Public relations

Product PR, app PR, corporate communications, crisis PR - we communicate for you your messages in the appropriate media.

Speaker opportunities

We provide support in the area of thought leadership and place your speakers at the relevant conferences and events worldwide.

Social media

From digital strategy creation, social media management, social content production, community management, editorial planning, channel engagement through to influencer relations. Everything from a single source.


Some of our experts

The five most important questions about public relations

A PR Agency offers a comprehensive range of communications services. It develops tailored communications strategies for their clients, defines core messages and target media, and passes on coordinated information about its client to target media. A successful agency is characterized by a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and a consistent focus on success. A good PR Agency can be identified by the results they produce. It has a passion for success stories and handily manages traditional PR work. An important aspect of its work is precisely defining the target group, which almost always includes journalists. A successful PR agency knows how to drop content in the editor’s room and what packaging is necessary for a successful story. This is a decisive factor for the success of a PR agency.

Time is limited for corporate executives, and their focus is usually on expanding and growing the company. To be visible in the media, it is not only necessary to have an exclusive network, but also to know how to provide what information to which journalists and when. After all, public relations means establishing and maintaining a relationship with the public. Therefore, a good PR agency offers a comprehensive service for communications, such as communications consulting, press work, TV placement, CEO-communication, and social media management. A PR Agency, above all, takes away the stress and burden of PR work, so that your company can focus on its core business.
The core of a successful communications strategy is the content. This content is the fodder for all target groups and conveys the essence of a company, its products, services, and causes. They consist of regular news, reports and texts that are aligned with key messages, focal points, keywords and stories. In order to be heard and to stand out from others, the core messages and focal points should be concise and clear. A professional PR agency can help you create a unique company profile and optimize your communication strategy. Another promising way into the media is through CEO communication. Every company or organization has a leader who can be positioned as an important asset for strategic communication work. Personalized information is more persuasive, and media users are particularly more interested in people and their stories. Bulky, abstract, and technical subjects can be better illustrated through a person, also making companies, products, and services more memorable through association. It is also easier to open doors with a press release about a person than a product. A PR agency knows how to take these things into account in order to successfully design the communication strategy of its clients.

Running a communications campaign can be a time-consuming and costly process. Therefore, it is important to know how to assess whether a campaign has been successful, to ensure that the time and money have been well-spent. Here are some examples:

  1. Measuring reach and engagement: measuring reach is the first step in evaluating the success of a communication campaign. This is the number of people who have seen or heard your message. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram offer tools to measure the reach of your posts and the number of engagements. This includes likes, comments, and shares. This information will help you understand which content resonates with your audience and which does not.
  2. Measuring the conversion rate: the conversion rate is the percentage of people, from those engaged, who have acted on your call to action (CTA). This could be purchasing a product, registering for an event, or signing up for a newsletter. Conversion rate is an important factor in understanding how well your communication campaign performed in converting prospects into customers.
  3. Revenue growth: another important factor in evaluating the success of your campaign is revenue growth. This is about increasing sales, or revenue, as a direct result of your communication campaign. Sales growth is a strong signal that your message has resonated with your target audience and has motivated them to take action.
  4. Customer feedback: Customer feedback is an important indicator for the success of a communications campaign. To get feedback, you can conduct surveys, analyze customer reviews and comments, or speak directly with the customer/user. The feedback from customers gives you valuable insight into how your campaign was received and what can be improved.
  5. Competitive analysis: finally, competitive analysis is important in measuring the success of your communications campaign. Compare the results of your campaign with those of your competitors. This involves measuring reach, conversion rate, sales growth and customer feedback. A competitive analysis gives you an insight into how well your campaign performed compared to your competition. A share-of-voice can show you very good results here when it comes to the presence in the media of your competitors. A good PR agency can support you here immediately.
As the leading PR agency in Berlin, Mika Mondo has a sound understanding of the local and international media scene and can draw on many years of experience. Unlike other agencies that focus on exclusive contacts, we value long-term relationships with journalists and opinion leaders. Our strategy is based on a deep understanding of your brand and your target audience to create content that not only grabs attention but also leaves a lasting impression. We believe public relations is not just about creating messages, but about getting results. That is why we work hard to measure and evaluate the success of each campaign. Our passion for performance is why our clients trust us time and time again to promote their brand and drive business success. With Mika Mondo you have a partner who adapts to your needs and delivers tailor-made solutions that exceed your expectations.

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