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“Mika” is a universal name, which can be both first and last name, male or female. It is symbolic of the many colleagues who give their best to their customers every day and of whom we are very proud. “Mondo” is Italian and means “world”. This reflects not only our global presence and orientation, but also our network-oriented approach. This goes hand in hand with our mission to provide our clients with the best media presence and to support them in all communication matters.

In an initial consultation, we help you choose the package that best suits you and your goals. After you have confirmed your package by signing our offer, we will assemble your team of senior consultants. After payment of the package, we will jointly compile a customized action plan including the KPIs of your project in a briefing call.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time, 14 days before the end of the booked package, but also pause or cancel it. This way you can easily switch between different services, depending on your needs.

We define the details of your project together in our initial meeting and create your individual package.

MIKA MONDO offers all communication services that contribute to making you, your company, product or service known in the media. In addition, we also support you in the creation of content for social media or corporate publications, take care of your trade fair appearances or support you in internal corporate communications. If you are interested in something that is not yet listed, please feel free to ask us about this service.

As a MIKA MONDO client, you are in regular contact with your consultants. Together you define the goals, discuss the progress and of course you receive a reporting from your team about the achieved results. We use media monitoring services to track the coverage of your company and can thus provide you with reliable figures on reach and key figures. If you wish, we can also create a share of voice of your competitors.

Our team is in close contact with you at all times. Should you ever be dissatisfied with one of our consultants, we will reorganize your team and align it better to your needs. It is important to us to provide you with the consultants you need to achieve your goals.

Thanks to our global network and our numerous reliable contacts, we are broadly positioned and cover every sector and every industry.

With our services we make sure that your messages reach exactly your target audience. This increases your media presence and your level of awareness. The more often your company, product or service appears in the media, the more your target group will have confidence in you. At the same time, interest in your services can arise.

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