PR checklist before you start

You have decided to start with PR and want to prepare yourself and the agencies or partners you are speaking to ideally for your wishes and goals in terms of communication? Then you need to prepare answers to a series of questions. These answers alone will provide you with a suitable briefing with which you can also approach various PR agencies that need precisely these answers in order to be able to advise you efficiently and in a goal-oriented manner. In addition, this PR checklist also leads to the fact that you get clarity for you and know what your communication goals are.

PR Checklist

  • What is my goal that I want to achieve with the help of PR?
  • Who in the company is important for achieving the goal, must be involved and is available as a spokesperson?
  • What specific content should be communicated?
  • Which countries are relevant for my PR communication?
  • What USP (unique selling proposition) does my company, my product, my service have?
  • Are there already communication plans or measures from other communication departments (e.g. from marketing) that should be taken into account?
  • Are there topics that should definitely not be included in PR?
  • Have there been media in the past with which difficulties have arisen?
  • Which communication topics have been successful in the past?
  • Is there potential for crisis?
  • Are there external factors (social, economic, political or cultural) that could influence communications?
  • How much budget do I have for PR communications?

All answers are necessary

Have you compiled all the answers? Have you informed all stakeholders in the company about your plan? Does everyone agree with the answers to these questions? Then go ahead and find PR partners to talk to.

Budget is a must

And yes, the budget question is very important. Not because we want to offer you particularly expensive PR packages, but because we want to know what we can offer in the first place. It doesn’t help to let the budget question be ignored. Only on the basis of this figure we can offer you the most suitable PR package. And even more important: Be as transparent and honest as possible.

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