PR in the DACH region

Many companies ask themselves whether they have to work with one or three PR agencies for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since German is spoken in all three countries, all journalists can certainly be provided with the same press text. However, it is always important to choose the right PR agency for the DACH region. In other words, the PR agency really has the right contacts to the media in the countries and still knows the differences there. 


Apart from the fact that journalists in the DACH region do not like exaggerated or overly promotional messages, the three countries are also similar in many subject areas. Only in Switzerland should reports also be written in French and Italian, in order to cover all areas and language regions. In contrast to Germany, relations with journalists in Austria and Switzerland are much more personal and direct. This is due to the smaller markets in these DACH countries. Therefore, the issue of exclusivity plays a major role in these two countries. 

Content is important

Journalists in the DACH region love facts and figures. For Austria and Switzerland, however, the reference to their countries is also important. In order to have any chance at all being published in the media of Austria and Switzerland, it should therefore be looked at exactly why the news item is really relevant for these two countries. Therefore, it may be necessary to write a modified report in order to be noticed by the local journalists. But also certain formalities should be considered: ss instead of ß; dot instead of comma for monetary amounts; no comma after the salutation and capitalize; January is called Jenner in Austria; … and some more words that do not exist in Germany.

Trust when choosing a DACH agency

The better known the company, the easier it is to place a message in the media of all three countries. Therefore, it is important to find the right PR agency for the DACH region and to trust that the PR consultants in the agency know their job. Knowing how work is done in the countries and what topics the journalists are working on is highly relevant.

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