Unterschied zwischen Marketing und Public-Relations

The difference between PR and marketing

Oh, there’s a difference? It’s the same thing! – Is that also your opinion and are marketing and PR in your company in one management, or are even carried out by one person? Then keep reading, because there are some differences. These differences also make clear what the difference is to good PR work.

What is PR?

PR stands for Public Relations – that is, the relationship with the public. At the same time, it also means all the steps a company takes to communicate with the public. This also means that PR leads to a company being remembered, or is responsible for how the company is talked about. The goal is of course that everyone is always talking about the company in a positive way and with a good and trustworthy overall view. PR work will always choose a factual and informative way of communication. We do not present a product or service as the “best”, “most unique” or “most exceptional”. Simply communicate the real advantages or features without exaggerations and slogans. Rule here: The truth should be communicated at all times.

What is Marketing?

Marketing has as the concrete goal to provoke with its measures primarily the willingness to buy a product or a service. Of course, this also raises awareness for the company. However, with marketing, desire is primarily stirred up and the entire type of communication is focused on the fact that a product or service is immediately purchased. In marketing, therefore, we can always measure a direct effect. In advertisements or advertorials, therefore, the language used communicates precisely this advertising message, with slogans and superlatives. It is precisely this language that immediately triggers a clear defensive attitude in journalists and the advice to contact the advertising department. Because in ads, of course, you can speak as the company wants. Here it is clearly a matter of presenting products and companies in the most positive light possible, regardless of whether the statements are really true. After all, the point is to convince the consumer or users of what they should think and how they should act.

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