As a general rule, PR is a marathon, not a sprint.

Anyone who thinks they can win the media for themselves immediately with a press release will fail in this attempt – unless the release is so unique, special, stand-out and is out-of-this-world that no one out there in the wide range of media can afford not to report on it. That’s usually very very rarely the case. And let’s face it, who invents anything that stands out like that these days? And unless my name is Elon Musk or I’m broadcasting from a space station, I have to have very good contacts or a reasonably good PR story to be heard by the media. In this Mika Mondo PR blog, we explain how good communication works, what to look out for, what the pitfalls are, and what PR trends are out there in the media world.

What is the SWOT analysis

What is the SWOT analysis Basically, it is about the internal and external view of a company. Wikipedia explains it in a simple and straightforward

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Communication needs strategy

Communication needs strategy One of the most important phrases in communications is, “You cannot NOT communicate!” Whether it’s about PR work, marketing, content management, public

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The basics of PR

The basics of PR Without a real story, no publication. And unfortunately, it’s not us who decide what a good story is, but the journalist.

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